Six people were injured today when a police car and motorcycle collided. The 27-year-old biker, two police officers and three pedestrians were hurt in the collision in Poplar.

The motorcyclist was taken to hospital with suspected head and leg injuries. Scotland Yard said the nature of the injuries suffered by the two officers in the car and their condition are unknown. Three pedestrians suffered minor injures from flying debris.

Personal trainer Juta Steel said she heard a loud bang from outside the gym where she works.

We came out and there was the police car with a smashed front and windscreen and then about 50 metres away there was a motorbike. There was one person in the road. It looked like he was unconscious and the ambulance came and worked on him for around 25 minutes. Then the air ambulance came. Before they took him away he seemed to be moving so I assume he was conscious.

Other eyewitnesses described the scene on Twitter.