Imperial College failing to meet animal welfare standards

Imperial College London has failed to maintain legal animal welfare standards according to a new report. Credit: PA

Imperial College London has failed to maintain legal animal welfare standards, according to Government advisers. The Animals in Science Committee found a "systematic pattern of infringements" at Imperial College London, which has been accused of allowing animals to suffer needlessly in its laboratories.

The report to the Home Office questions those in-charge at Imperial licence holder at Imperial and highlights "failings of culture and communications"

The issues were raised in a report to the Home Office.

Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which carried out an undercover investigation at Imperial College said, "If such criticisms can be levelled at one of the world's leading universities, then it is inevitable that similar issues arise in research establishments all over the country."

The Government is yet to issue a response but the Minister of State for Crime Prevention has said the following,

The university has since released a statement saying:

A spokesperson from the College later added they have made substantial progress set out in it's action plan for world-class animal research and that these changes build on an already good standards of animal husbandry and promote best practice, and taking ethical, welfare and 3Rs issues into account at every level.