Cabbies launch prosecution against six 'Uber' drivers

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London cabbies have launched a private prosecution against six drivers working for controversial "taxi app" firm Uber. The cabbies' union, the LTDA, accuses the minicab drivers for breaking the law by using a private hire vehicle equipped with a meter.

Transport for London has accused the LTDA of sabotaging another legal action due to be heard in the High Court. The cabbies claim private hire firms using mobile phone apps to calculate fares are defying the law on so-called taximeters.

Protest in June in central London against the Uber app Credit: PA

TfL disagrees but has asked the High Court to give a "definitive and binding declaration".

But Leon Daniels, a senior executive at TfL, said the LTDA's action meant the High Court would refuse to consider the case until the criminal proceedings ended.