A cat has lost his eye after being shot in the face. Alfie, a 10-year-old black moggy, returned to his home in Chingford in east London with blood on his face last week.

Alfie's owners originally thought he had been in a fight, and he was taken to the vets to be looked at. The only option was to remove the cat’s eye and following the operation an air gun pellet was found lodged behind it.

This was a horrific way to treat an animal. Alfie must have been shot right through the actual eye as there was no puncture wound anywhere and the bullet was lodged right behind the eyeball. Luckily for him he has survived, but will always wear the wounds with the loss of his eye, poor thing. We urge anyone with any information to come forward to let us know who may be behind this. It took a callous individual to aim for an animal’s eye in this way, and we would like to do all we can to stop it happening again.

Anyone with any information can call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018. Alfie looks to have made a full recovery and is coping well living without his eye.