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Prince William dons mask, wetsuit and fins to go diving

Prince William donned a mask, air cylinder, regulator, buoyancy device and fins as he took a dive in central London today.

Credit: PA

William is a keen diver and has become the third generation of the Royal Family to take the helm of the British Sub-Aqua Club following in the footsteps of his father, the Prince of Wales, and grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Credit: PA

At the Oasis Sports Centre the Duke was joined by Charles who had been Bsac president for 40 years until his son took over in May.

William who has dived in Anglesey, where he used to be stationed as an RAF search and rescue pilot, and in warmer locations overseas, joked he hoped Prince George would follow the family tradition.

It's a great honour to be here with my father and accept the presidency of the British Sub-Aqua Club, continuing that from my grandfather as well.

I hope that one day my son George might follow in our footsteps. For the moment bath time is quite painful, but I imagine as he gets a little bit older, donning a mask and snorkel might calm him down.

– Prince William

I'm delighted that my eldest son is taking over from me.

I can only assume that his interest probably stems from the fact that I threw him into the swimming pool on many occasions - instead of putting him off, it actually enthused him, so I'm thrilled that he has decided to carry on the tradition started really by my father.

I know my eldest son will now demonstrate his buff credentials, by leaping bodily into this very welcoming - and I didn't realise existed - swimming pool.

– Prince Charles