Carer, Faderera Grace Bello, was sent to prison after a family secretly filmed her abusing their elderly relative being abused at a care home.

92-year-old Bridget Rees suffers from Alzheimer's and is dependent on nurses for all her needs.

On December 6 last year Bello was seen verbally abusing and manhandling Bridget and poking her in the head and face.

It was injuries like these that led her family to install concealed cameras in their mother's room to see if she was being mistreated at the Mary Seacole Nursing Home in north London.

Faderera Grace Bello, 54, has been sentenced to four months in prison. Credit: Metropolitan Police

She poked her in the face. She slapped her around the head. She was very rude to her, telling her to 'move, move - don't you understand'... every single thing you could throw at a person she threw at my mum.

After the management at the care home saw the footage, Bello was suspended. In February this year she was arrested and charged with the wilful neglect of a person. It was only thanks to video evidence that Bridget's abuse became exposed.

The safety and care of our patients is paramount. This sort of appalling behaviour will never be tolerated. Following this case we have embedded Trust values and behaviours which all staff are required to follow. We have reviewed our recruitment policy to include these values as part of the selection process.

Her family wants CCTV cameras placed in all care and nursing homes.

  • The use of CCTV in the care sector will raise the issue of privacy

  • The National Care Forum says surveillance of this kind cannot be justified unless there are strong suspicions

  • Had it not been for a strong suspicion of abuse of Bridget Rees police would never have had the CCTV that put Bello behind bars