'Mysterious plane' with no callsign spotted circling London for two hours

Scotland Yard has declined to comment on reports of a mysterious eavesdropping spyplane circling London.

A radar tracking website showed an aircraft orbiting London at 10,000 feet for more than two hours.

The plane circled repeatedly Credit: flightradar24

The plane had no recognisable callsign but was identified as a twin-engine Cessna F406 with the registration G-BVJT.

The plane was spotted on tracker websites Credit: flightradar24

The aircraft has been linked in the past to a shadowy fleet of surveillance planes said to be operated by the Metropolitan Police. Reports suggest the planes, costing £3m a year, are used to monitor mobile phone calls.

Social media websites reported the aircraft flying from Farnborough Airport to south London for today's 'mission'.

A Scotland Yard spokesman declined to offer "acknowledgement or comment".

The video below show the plane circling over London at 10am today.

Pictures courtesy of flightradar24.com