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Runaway bus rolls down hill and smashes into house

A runaway bus has rolled down a hill and smashed into a house in east London.

A last minute shift change meant 24-year-old Natasha Ottley was out when the 174 double decker crashed into the wall of her home in Harold Hill, east London.

The bus rolled backwards from its stand and left the house structurally unsafe with damage to the kitchen, staircase, porch, window and an exterior wall.

Natasha, a customer services manager for an insurance company, was at work when a shocked neighbour told her what happened.

She thought it was a joke at first. But when she got back the house she shares with her parents and two sisters, who are away in Spain, she was amazed what she saw.

Wrecked staircase of the home in Harold Hill Credit: Chelsea Daniel

I would have been indoors and my bedroom is at the front of the house. It's horrifying.

– Natasha Ottley
Rubble left by the front door Credit: Chelsea Daniel

Natasha has been told the house is structurally unsafe and stayed with friends last night. She has spoken to her family and said:

They are quite distressed because they have nowhere to come home to.

– Natasha Ottley
Cracks in the plasterwork Credit: Chelsea Daniel

Transport for London has launched an investigation. Ken Davisdson, the group's head of bus operations, said:

There were no reported injuries and damage to the property is currently being assessed. There will be an investigation into this incident.

– Ken Davisdson, TfL