Baby allowed to live in squalid, mouse-infested house littered with droppings

Mouse dropping litter the fuse box Credit: Redbridge Council

A landlord has been fined £18,000 for allowing a baby to live in a filthy house which was infested with mice and littered with their droppings. There was also no fire alarm and the emergency exits were blocked.

Eight other people were also living at the property in east London which was found to have a catalogue of dangers.

Mouse droppings on the fuse box Credit: Redbridge Council
Credit: Redbridge Council

Inspectors visited the three-storey property at Cavenham Gardens in Ilford last September. In total the team found:

  • No fire alarm system

  • Unprotected escape routes

  • Obstructed fire escapes

  • Defective electrical installation

  • A mouse infestation

  • Missing guarding to the staircase

Scum, dirt and mold in the bathroom

The landlord, 44-year-old Abdul Rashid Warishaully from Ilford failed to show up in court where he was found guilty of 15 offences and fined more than £18,000.

The conditions found at this property were truly appalling and placed the tenants’ safety at considerable risk. These sort of conditions will not be tolerated by Redbridge Council and landlords who flout the law can expect to face being caught and prosecuted. I believe it’s a right of everyone to live in a safe and secure accommodation.

Councillor Muhammed Javed, Redbridge Council