Is this Britain's most flamboyant tourist? Owner of gold Range Rover flies car over to London for his holiday

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A London tourist has staked his claim as Britain's most flamboyant traveler after flying over this gold Range Rover for his holiday.

The 'Mystere' is a £150,000 version of the Range Rover which has been given a rather flashy overhaul.

The car has had its normal design replaced with a customised bodykit which includes oversized bumpers and a bonnet vent.

The owner then opted for the luxury off-roader, which is fitted with 23-inch alloy wheels, kitted out with a black and gold wrap.

The 'Mystere' gold Range Rover Credit: SWNS

The car, with the registration plate '666', has been flown over to the UK by its Saudi owner and is parked outside the Wellesley hotel in Knightsbridge - the same hotel that charged a customer £75 for three small bottles of water.

The 'Mystere' gold Range Rover Credit: SWNS

A top-spec Range Rover costs £100,000. This conversion cost an extra £50,000. If you're anywhere near Knightsbridge the car is certainly not hard to spot.

Another passer-by said: