End of the line: The history of Upminster

A mix of London living and Essex countryside, the Suburban town Upminster, which lies 16 miles east of Charing cross at the end of the District line, was once a village under-fire by cannons.

At the heart of the town, the Church of St Laurence still stands.

One resident described how the rector of the church would have seen ships on the River Thames firing cannons in the 1700s.

In 1705, ships could be seen on the River Thames, sometimes firing cannons. Credit: ITV London

It many ways it seems little has changed. The listed windmill still stands but the pace of life remains gentle.

The listed windmill still stands in the town. Credit: ITV London

One man who has lived in the area for all of his life said Upminster is a town that "has evolved but still retains a lot of its old character".

"It was known as the garden city years ago, Upminster when it first started, and the that extent it has maintained lots of trees", one resident said.

Reporter Martin Stew got a feel of the history of the town: