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Kittens dressed in babies' socks to help protect them at night

An adorable pair of abandoned newborn kittens just even cuter - as vets have dressed them in a pair of babies' socks.

George and Elton, who are just four weeks old, have developed a bad habit of suckling one another in their sleep which was leaving them both sore.

The kittens have been dressed in babies' socks to stop them suckling one another Credit: RSPCA

So veterinary nurses fashioned tiny suits from socks to help protect their delicate skin.

The pair were found newborn and barely alive in a shed in Osterley, west London, earlier this month.

They will be ready for rehoming in around a month - but, as they are so close, will need to be taken together.

The kittens are so close they will need to be rehomed together Credit: RSPCA

It comes as the RSPCA urges more people to adopt rescue kittens instead of buying one, as a recent surge in the number of young cats being abandoned has left staff struggling.

George and Elton, like other kittens, have to be fed by hand every two hours because of their age - and one nurse is even hand-rearing them at home, as young animals can find hospitals too stressful.

The outfits have proved very successful Credit: RSPCQ

Sian Anderson, clinical manager at the RSPCA's Putney Animal Hospital, said:

We are seeing such a high number of kittens coming into our care, and we would like to urge people to remember to get their cats neutered to try and avoid unwanted litters of kittens.

Hand-rearing is so time intensive and our staff are overwhelmed by the sheer number of cats and kittens that need our help.

– Sian Anderson, RSPCA
The kittens will be ready for rehoming in a month Credit: RSPCA

So far this year, the animal charity has taken in 14 per cent more abandoned, neglected or sick cats so far compared with the same period 12 months ago.

Since the start of the year, it has rescued 3,306 abandoned cats and helped 7,914 sick or injured cats.