Deportation fight for Down's Syndrome man

Wadih Chourey. Credit: Save Wadih Chourey Facebook page

A 44-year-old man suffering from Down's Syndrome, who came to the UK from Lebanon to escape mental and physical abuse is facing deportation.

Mr Wadih Chourey who lives in Twickenham, South West London cannot take care of himself due to his condition. In 1997 he came to Britain, since then he has been supported by his two brothers, Camil and Joseph. They have not relied on public funds.

Initially Mr Chourey had his application to remain in the UK refused. However, earlier this year he won his appeal. The judge ruled that it would be a 'disproportionate interference' to his right to a private and family life.

However, the Home Office appealed the judge's decision and the fight to keep him in the UK continues.

Since his parents died in 2010 there is no one in the Lebanon who can or is willing to care for him. The Chourey family's local MP, Business Secretary Vince Cable, has also lent his support to the campaign.