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Man wielding huge baton attacks cyclist on a busy street in front of terrified eyewitnesses

A man wielding a huge baton has attacked a cyclist in front of dozens of witnesses on a busy street.

Knife attack in Camden, north London Credit: Daily Mirror

The attacker repeatedly aimed the long baton at his terrified victim, who fought him off using only his bike.

A passenger on a bus filmed the assault in Camden, north London on Wednesday morning. The attack happened at around 11am on Pratt Street.

Knife attack in Camden, north London Credit: Daily Mirror

Speaking to the Daily Mirror one eyewitness said:

I first noticed the driver was beeping somebody furiously, but couldn't see anything extraordinary so assumed it was just traffic flow - then the man appeared... He was very aggressive and clearly had the capacity to kill.

The attack was very one-sided, with the victim having to defend himself by using a bicycle as a makeshift shield.

People were stunned.

Onlookers and fellow passengers were screaming for help - but it all happened so quickly, there was no time to think clearly. Even in the safety if the bus it was terrifying.

– Eyewitness

Police say two people have been arrested. Watch the video in full below.

Pictures from the Daily Mirror

But it appears that not all is what it seems. ITV News has spoken with the man who appears to be attacking the cyclist.

He claims the cyclist threw a beer bottle through the door of the shop where he worked nearly hitting a customer and that he was protecting his premises grabbed a wooden pole and gave chase to the man on the bike.

The tattooed man who doesn’t want to be named says he and his girlfriend have been the victims of an internet and leafleting campaign by an anti fascism group claiming that the couple are Fascists. It’s a claim that the couple completely deny.

ITV News has also spoken to local shopkeepers who tell us that the idea that the couple are fascists is ridiculous.

The man seen attacking the cyclist was arrested for being in possession of an offensive weapon.

His girlfriend was also arrested for obstructing police. Both have been bailed until mid October. Metropolitan police are continuing their enquiries.