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Catwalk show carries on despite man crashing through the roof

A catwalk show carried on without interruption today after a man crashed through the roof and fell 30 feet to the floor.

Credit: PA

The drama unfolded in front of a shocked audience at London Fashion Week. The man in his 30s was left with back injuries and accompanied by a doctor to hospital.

Damaged roof after a man fell through it Credit: PA

Some of those who saw what happened could not believe the show carried on.

Topshop said it did not stop the show because the builder who had fell through a corrugated glass roof was immediately dealt with.

We're aware that people are asking why we didn't stop the show, as soon as we realised what had happened medical staff and production security were taking care of him. The builder was working on an adjacent building site to the Topshop show space and walked on the corrugated glass roof on top of the space - as to why he walked on it we do not know yet - but the slate of glass gave way.

He fell in an area to the back of the stage.

– Topshop statement
London ambulance leaves the scene Credit: PA

Fashion East, a project aimed at helping to nurture emerging young designers through the difficult early stages of their career, receives sponsorship funding from high street fashion chain Topshop, Topman and the Greater London Authority.