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Borough Market celebrates 1000th year

Borough Market. Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire

One of London's most iconic locations, Borough Market is marking its millennium with a year long celebration starting this weekend.

The public is being invited to take part in a 'Footsteps in Time' event, which allows people to leave their own personal footprint near the market entrances.

A child making their mark. Credit: David Parry/PA Wire

For centuries London Bridge was the only passage into the City from South London.This meant Borough High Street was thriving with activity all day long, greatly benefiting the market traders.

Borough Market. Credit: Borough Market/

Forthcoming events to celebrate the market's 1000th year include an Apple Day festival in October, 1000 Christmas kisses, food debates, summer music performances and much more.

Borough Market. Credit: Borough Market/
Present day Borough Market. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire