Is this the dullest man in Britain?

Small Privet, by Hugh Barker Credit: Hugh Barker

A hedge enthusiast from Barnet who travels around the country photographing foliage has made it onto a calendar for Britain's dullest men.

The Dull Men's Club is an unlikely group who take pride in calling themselves boring, and delight in such pastimes as roundabout spotting and traffic cone collecting.

Hugh Barker, from Barnet, will be Mr December in the calendar - celebrated for his work photographing hedges. He has even written a book called Hedge Britannia, which features information about hedge laying and what hedges would say about their owners.

Another artistic hedge photograph from Barnet's premier hedge enthusiast Credit: Hugh Barker

The calendar will also highlight some of the more eccentric events taking place in 2015 - including the World Snail Racing championship and Covent Garden's own Great Christmas Pudding Race.