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Bogus doctor claimed he could cure cancer using herbs, avocado and grape seeds

A bogus doctor who claimed he could cure cancer using herbs, avocado and grape seeds has been fined £4,500 for breaching trading standards.

Errol Denton duped hundreds of patients into believing he could rid them of the disease.

Errol Denton Credit: YouTube/Conscious.TV

I didn't have training in medicine, as in medical medicine - like for a doctor. I'm trained in nutrition.

– Errol Denton

He used an address in Harley Street speacialising in a technique called 'live blood analysis'. With the help of a powerful microscope he looked for defects in blood - a practice dimissed by the medical profession.

Errol Denton was prosecuted under the Cancer Act, an obscure law dating back to 1939 which makes it an offence to advertise an offer to treat any person for cancer.

The adverts were claiming to treat and in some cases cure cancer and we felt quite simply these contravened the cancer act.

– Sue Jones Trading Standards, Westminster City Council
Errol Denton leaving court Credit: YouTube/Conscious.TV

ITV News spoke to one of his former patients who wanted to remain anonymous.

He told me that what he saw was the blood of a cancer patient. He told me my blood was dirty. I was afraid. I was crying. I was scared.

He said to improve my health he would need to clean my blood and to do that I should pay extra for his products.

– Former patient
Credit: PA

In an unusual scene in court Errol Denton sacked his lawyer and started representing himself.

He told the judge at Southwark Crown Court he closed the business in Harley Street, and was now unemployed and seeking benefits.

Mr Denton says he is now bankrupt and has no means of paying the £7,000 in fines and costs.