How worried should we be as a 'monster storm' spirals towards the UK?

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By Martin Stew: ITV Weather Presenter

From space the spiralling area of low pressure sitting to the west of the UK in the Atlantic looks pretty imposing.

Spreading from Canada to Spain it has been described as a "Monster Storm" by some papers.

The reality is far less dramatic but we are set for five days of unsettled weather.

Air travels around the centre of a low pressure system in an anti-clockwise direction.

As a result warm and humid air is being drawn towards the UK from the south west.

That will see unseasonably mild temperatures over the weekend peaking at 19C in London on Sunday.

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The low pressure is also spinning various weather fronts our way bringing outbreaks of rain and heavy showers and blustery winds at times, especially on Friday and Saturday, but the wind will be nothing exceptional for this time of year.

The worst hit areas for rain will tend to be in the South West as heavy showers follow today's rain. Over the coming days the Southwest ,Wales and Cumbria are likely to have the heaviest rain.

Rain in October is nothing unusual but following Sunday and Monday's heavy downpours much of the rain will fall onto already saturated ground.

As a result the Environment Agency has issued eight Flood Alerts which advise people to "be prepared" as flooding is "possible". Four of the alerts are in the South East, three in East Anglia and one in the Midlands.

Track the weather system live here.