Pop star finds scorpion running around daughter's bedroom

The scorpion found in north London Credit: ZSL London ZOO

British pop duo 'Everything But The Girl' were forced to call a zoo for help after finding a scorpion in their home.

Guitarist Ben Watt was stunned when he discovered the creature on the floor of his 16-year-old daughter Alfie's bedroom at their house in Highgate, north London.

Ben rang experts at ZSL London Zoo who collected the scorpion which Alfie had named 'Sansa' after her favourite Game of Thrones character.

Alfie managed to trap the bug, which was carefully placed in a plastic box. On Sunday morning Ben wrote:

After a day visiting the zoo, where they handed over the stinging creature to experts.

ZSL London Zoo have come to the rescue of an unusual continental visitor. A scorpion, discovered by musician and writer Ben Watt, formerly of band Everything But The Girl, and his daughter in their London home on Saturday, has been taken in by the Zoo's invertebrate keepers. The maroon-coloured scorpion, initially found by Mr Watt's 16-year-old daughter, Alfie, on her bedroom floor, has been named Sansa after her favourite Game of Thrones character who 'seems gentle but has a bit of a sting'.

ZSL London Zoo