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Britain's smallest home, less than half the size of a train carriage, snapped up for £275,000

Britain's smallest home, which is less than half the size of a train carriage, has sold for £275,000.

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The converted flower shop has just 188 sq/ft of space and is a fifth of the size of the average new build.

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It features a bed on a mezzanine, a tiny bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living area.

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Despite going on the market for £275,000 there was no shortage of interest, with more than 220,000 people viewing the adverts on Rightmove and Zoopla.

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And after a flurry of enquiries and a number of offers, the house, in Islington in North London, was quickly snapped up.

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We had lots of interest from a broad range of potential buyers. There were first-time buyers, enquiries from people who wanted an extra or spare room and someone else who looked at buying it and putting it on AirBNB.

It was only on for three weeks and we had a number of offers. The home is unique, there is no other way to describe it. "It used to be a flower shop until the conversion. It is a really cleverly designed home and there is another bed which comes out but we can't call it a two-bed home. The typical properties we sell range between 1,400sq/ft and 2,200sq/ft and we have sold another one-bed which was 600sq/ft. But we've never sold anything this small. It has been a pleasure.

– Hamish Allan, Winkworth estate agent
Credit: SWNS

While Winkworth wouldn't confirm the agreed sale price or the buyers, the property had been put on the market for £275,000.

This is £100,000 more than the £177,000, on average, the Land Registry says people paid for a home in England and Wales last month.

The ONS now says the average value of a home in the UK is £275,000.

As a nation we have an obsession with property, but when it comes to the biggest, smallest, most expensive or cheapest properties we really see these being shared in huge volumes.

We saw similar figures when the couple from Channel 4's Gogglebox put their 8 bedroom mansion on the market earlier this year.

– Lawrence Hall, Zoopla