Another massive 'fatberg' forms, costing a million pounds a month

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By Martin Stew: ITV London Presenter

Under this central London manhole is a sewer in one of the worst states Thames Water has ever seen.

Why I agreed to go down there I'm not sure. The smell coming off the guys who were down there wasn't great.

What I found at the bottom of the ladder 10 metres below Whitehall is even worse than feared.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

Much like a clogged artery, the fat and rubbish reduces the flow which can pass through the sewer.

To remove it requires hug machines to suck the muck.

Credit: ITV News

So after my trip to the sewer, I have the message 'bin it don't block it' ringing in my ears and a foul stench burning my nostrils.