Is this Britain's strangest dating website? 'Dead Meet' matches lonely hearts in the death industry

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If you're looking for love but failing to find it because your date just can't get to grips with the fact you're a grave digger, then this might be your lucky day.

'Dead Meet' matches up lonely hearts in death industries, such as undertakers and crematorium technicians, taxidermists and medical historians.

In fact, it's for anyone who knows that working with death can be a bit of a passion killer.

Carla Valentine, creator of 'Dead Meet' Credit: Carla Valentine

So far the website has around 5,000 members. Speaking to Vice, Carla Valentine, who lives in London, said people in the death industry can make great partners.

Carla Valentine is a museum curator who deals with dead specimens. But her job makes it difficult for her to connect with people whose jobs don't involve death.