Menace of 'drug-fuelled orgies' involving homeless people in a graveyard

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Police patrols are being stepped up after complaints of 'drug-fuelled orgies' involving homeless people in a graveyard.

The anti-social behaviour has turned into a menace for residents of fashionable Stoke Newington in north London.

The problem is said to be concentrated in and around Abney Park cemetery.

Local author Damian Duggan-Ryan told ITV News.

People are having parties and copulating on the gravestones and generally behaving in a way which a lot of people would feel is not appropriate for a historic cemetery.

Damian Duggan-Ryan, local author
Abney Park cemetery Credit: Google Street View

The Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the problem and were trying to stop it.

More officers are being put on the beat and patrols of the cemetery will be increased.