Sub-standard hygiene at 17% of London restaurants

. Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Archive

The Food Standards Agency is calling on people thinking of eating out over Christmas to check the food hygiene ratings of restaurants before booking.

A poll found that almost half of the UK public - 46% - never check food hygiene ratings of places they plan to eat in.

  • Of 18,271 restaurants scored across London, 3112 are rated 2 or below, that's 17%.

  • The FSA score restaurants according to the following scale: 5=very good, 4=good, 3=generally satisfactory, 2=improvement required, 1=major improvement required, 0=urgent improvement required.

  • However, the picture in London is better than the national food standard's outlook where of the 90,735 restaurants rated in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, 9.2% get a score of 2 or under.

  • The good news is that leaves 83% of restaurants in London boroughs rated 3 – 5.