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Brazen biker stopped in his tracks by police on horseback after pulling a wheelie in a 20mph zone

A brazen biker got a nasty shock after pulling a wheelie in a 20mph zone to find a policeman on horseback waiting for him in the middle of the street.

Credit: YouTube/Aimanas Aima

The entire stunt was caught on the biker's helmet camera as he rode through central London.

Credit: YouTube/Aimanas Aima

The video shows the rider pulling away at a set of traffic lights, performing a wheelie and riding over a 20mph sign in the road. He then found the road unexpectedly blocked by two police officers on horseback.

Credit: YouTube/Aimanas Aima

Needless to say the embarrassed biker had some explaining to do and insisted he was only traveling slightly above the speed limit.

I was mainly, maybe, 22mph maximum.

– Biker

But his excuse left police less than impressed.

I ride them... don't give me any of your old flannel, alright? This is dangerous riding.

– Police officer
Credit: YouTube/Aimanas Aima

Is this still being recorded now? Leave it on and you can show your friends the big telling off you got from the policeman on a horse, clowning around.

You'll kill someone else as well as yourself you know.

– Police officer

The officer ended by telling the rider to "get out of the Square Mile, and not come back."


Video from YouTube/Aimanas Aima