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Two-metre snake found hissing in a recycling bin

Police were called to north London after a man found a two-metre long snake - in his recycling bin.

Credit: Reddit/lowercase_capitalist

Steve Berry, 29, lifted the lid of the green container to find the huge reptile in West Hampstead.

Credit: Reddit/ lowercase_capitalist

Steve, who moved to London from New Zealand six months ago, said:

I'm quite new to England so I was shocked to see the snake - especially because I'd never seen one before.

I'm from a country that doesn't have any wild snakes, and I didn't know there were snakes here at all.

It wasn't what I was expecting to find in my bin.

– Steve Berry
Credit: Reddit/ lowercase_capitalist

Steve, who phoned because he didn't know who else to call, added:

By a stroke of luck, one of the officers kept snakes as pets."He was able to ascertain that it was non-venomous.

– Steve Berry

The serpent, believed to be a corn snake, was taken to RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital.