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World's most expensive corkscrew? Snapped up for £40,000

Whoever bought this corkscrew must really love wine. The antique bottle opener was snapped up at in a matter of minutes at an auction in Essex as collectors from around the world lined up to buy it.

Credit: Reeman Dansie

But with a final selling price of £40,000 this is no ordinary corkscrew. When the original London Bridge was demolished in the 1830s parts of it were turned into memorabilia, including this corkscrew, which was only expected to sell for around £600.

Credit: Reeman Dansie

Corkscrew collectors went crazy. There was huge interest from all over the world.

We decided to open the bidding at £600. With such interest we thought, optimistically, it may make £10,000.

It surpassed every expectation and took five minutes to sell.

Bidders joined from around the world, as far away as Australia.

– James Grinter, Reeman Dansie
Credit: Reeman Dansie

The successful bidder has chosen to stay anonymous.