Lord Coe defends role in consultation which could see the Crystal Palace athletics stadium demolished

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Lord Coe has defended his role in a public consultation which could see the famous athletics stadium at Crystal Palace demolished.

The London 2012 supremo was criticised after his sports management firm, CSM, was hired to run the consultation.

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City Hall wants to redevelop the site. Two out of the four options being considered would see the running track ripped up.

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Lord Coe spoke to ITV News today and said he hoped the athletics track would stay.

I think you'll find as the research is published overwhelmingly there is a commitment to want to maintain a track and field legacy there. I think the other thing to remember is that there are a number of options put forward in this consultation and everyone that was pubt forward by CSM Strategic was for the maintenance of the track and that is absolutely the number one priority. Everything else is an academic conversation. I'm hoping that the pro-Crystal Palace campaign is engaging and winning over the hearts and minds of local people, I'm sure it will.

Lord Coe