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Are you living among London's biggest tweeters?

London really, really, loves to tweet. And if there was ever any doubt, then here's an interactive map which really does highlight our love of social media.

Geo-tagged tweets in Greater London Credit: Eric Fischer/Mapbox

The map was created by Eric Fischer of Mapbox. He's been tracking tweets around the world for the last three and a half years - the ones which are geo-tagged.

There are about 10 million public geotagged tweets every day, which is about 120 per second, up from about 3 million a day when I first started watching.

– Eric Fischer
Geo-tagged tweets around Oxford Street Credit: Eric Fischer/Mapbox

So what about where you live? Eric's created a fully interactive map. Click and zoom below to find out how much people love Twitter where you live.

The brighter the dot, the greater the love.

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