Met Police may be forced to rent extra office space because the new Scotland Yard is too small

. Credit: PA

Police chiefs could be forced to rent extra offices because the new Scotland Yard is too small. The embarrassing disclosure comes just days after the current Metropolitan Police Service HQ was sold to an arab investment group for £370m.

An internal report for MOPAC, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, admits additional money may have to be spent to accommodate some police activities.

The new police hq, also to be called New Scotland Yard, is a refurbished office block on Victoria Embankment, known as Curtis Green.

It is too small for the Met's legal team which will now move to Holborn police station.

Credit: PA

One of the original planning assumptions for the Major Buildings Estates Strategy and the exit of NSY was that all teams exiting NSY will be relocated within the remainder of the MOPAC estate. Whilst this position can be achieved in terms of the available floor space, certain facilities would require further investment. Recent developments have necessitated the need to look at the accommodation requirements of specific teams again. Studies are underway to model whether the existing MOPAC estate can meet these requirements or whether third party accommodation is needed.


The bill for converting Curtis Green already stands at £58m.

The move from the current Scotland Yard in Victoria was supposed to save £6m a year in running costs.

It is quite extraordinary that in the rush to sell the police estate, the Mayor's office don't appear to have planned space for their police officers and staff. Yet more money looks set to be spent to sort out this mistake, at a time when the police face ever greater financial pressures.

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly member