The Week On The Web: Homophobia, rooftop view, illusions and golden bike

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By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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This week, the car company accused of being homophobic, and told to hold its Christmas party somewhere else.'Stay away' said the owner of Proud Bar in Camden after getting an email asking if it was a gay bar.

The car company was worried some staff may be offended. Owner Alex Proud responded by simply cancelling their booking. An over-reation? Or genuine case of homophobia?

It was the week's big talking point on Facebook, Carolyn Smith said:

But Martin Fairhurst says:


James Burns likes to see things a bit differently by standing on rooftops to take his pictures.

And recently he caught one very special image - this the blood moon, rising over Battersea. Pretty impressive - and a long time in the planning.

Credit: James Burns


Does your mind ever play tricks on you? Seen something that actually isn't there. These people know the feeling.

That all happened on a street near London Bridge. A soft drinks company set up the elaborate stunt where all sorts of things suddenly appeared out of no where - all to see how unsuspecting Londoners would react.


Not long til Christmas. And if you're wondering what to buy that special someone how about a nice bike. Or indeed, a very, very nice bike.

Credit: Gold Genie

This one's just gone on sale in London. It's 24-carat gold and costs more than a Ferrari - a quarter of a million pounds to be precise.