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Has London ever looked so good? 40 photographers capture a day in the life of the capital - in timelapse

On December 6th, 40 photographers came together to create the most ambitious crowdsourced timelapse ever - all in a single day.

Credit: LapseLondon

The diversity, atmosphere, pace and buzz of the city make London the perfect canvas for any timelapse, and its unique flavour is captured over 80 clips in the LapseLondon film.

– LapseLondon
Credit: LapseLondon

By the end of the day the team of photographers had created clips shot from a whole range of London’s landmarks, from Tower Bridge to Camden Market, Oxford Circus to the Thames Barrier, and even gained access to the BBC Newsroom in full swing.

The LapseLondon photographers managed to cover a huge variety of London views and experiences, highlighting the amazing and diverse city it is.

Credit: LapseLondon

The 80 clips were assembled from well over 35,000 individual photographs, representing a total of over 40 hours spent timelapsing across the capital - all in a single day.

Bringing together a whole bunch of photographers from different skill levels and seeing how everyone helped each other to create such awesome clips must be one of the most rewarding things I’ve done all year.

– Helena Vieira - Head of Happiness, Triggertrap

You need to see it to believe it. Watch the video in full below.

Video from Triggertrap