Banker's classic £100,000 convertible car stolen on Christmas eve

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A classic car buff has pleaded for the return of a £100,000 convertible pinched from his garage in north London.

Banker Pascal Maeter spent 18 months restoring the classic 1955 Austin Healey - a 50th birthday present from his wife. But no sooner had he got it back on the road than it was stolen.

The blue and white convertible was parked in Mr Maeter's Chelsea garage until at least 2pm on Christmas Eve. But that evening he found his garage door had been forced open and the car was missing.

Classic 1955 Austin Healey Credit: PA

The car was first bought by an American soldier in Germany.

He moved back to the United States in the 1960s, and he sold the car to a person who kept it in his living room. So between 1963 and 2013 it basically didn't spin a wheel.

Pascal Maeter

Police say the car is worth as much as £100,000, but Mr Maeter said he is more concerned about its sentimental value, both because it was a gift and because he poured 18 months of meticulous work into it.

He believes that whoever took it will struggle to offload it.

That car is unsellable. This is not like an RV that has another hundred thousand copies of it. There are very, very few of these cars left. It wouldn't make sense to sell it for parts because it's worth more as a whole - but as it is it's far too distinctive to sell. Who knows, maybe it will be sitting in someone else's living room for another 50 years.

Pascal Maeter

Anyone with information can contact Kensington & Chelsea police on 020 8246 0231.