What's being Googled most about your London borough?

Got a burning question about the London borough you live or work in? Wonder what the rest of the world is Googling about your part of London?

One Reddit user has compiled a complete list of the most common questions googled about each of the 32 boroughs.

Here's a complete list of the results:

  • Why is Barking & Dagenham in Essex?

  • Why is Barnet slang for hair?

  • Why is Bexley Road closed?

  • Why is Brent Crude falling?

  • Why is Bromley a good place to live?

  • Why is Camden so bad?

  • Why is The City of London not London

  • Why is Croydon so bad?

  • Why is Ealing so expensive?

  • Why is Enfield part of Middlesex?

  • Why is Greenwich the centre of time?

  • Why is Hackney deprived?

  • Why is Hammersmith Bridge closed?

  • Why is Haringey spelt differently?

  • Why is Harrow killing everyone?

  • Why is Havering called Havering?

  • Why is Hillingdon a good place to live?

  • Why is Hounslow a good place to live?

  • Why is Islington so expensive?

  • Why is Kensington and Chelsea a royal borough?

  • Why is Kingston called Kingston?

  • Why is Lambeth Bridge red?

  • Why is Lewisham Hospital closing?

  • Why is Merton..... [no question]

  • Why is Newham deprived?

  • Why is Redbridge called Redbridge?

  • Why is Richmond Park closed?

  • Why is Southwark pronounced?

  • Why is Sutton so mean?

  • Why is Tower Hamlets called Tower Hamlets?

  • Why is Waltham Forest in London?

  • Why is Wandsworth council tax so low?

  • Why is Westminster a city?