Lesbian couple ordered out of cinema toilets after being mistaken for men

Tracey Seaton Credit: Tracey Seaton

A lesbian couple were kicked out of the ladies' toilets during a trip to the cinema because the security guard thought they were men.

Tracey Seaton and Keira Williams had just popped to the toilet after watching a film at Cineworld in east London.

But a guard followed them in and forced them to leave after insisting they were men.

Credit: SWNS

Lifeguard Tracey and partner Keira had watched the film adaptation of Annie at their local cinema in Ilford.

Cineworld in Ilford, where the unfortunate mix up took place Credit: Google Street View

Just like most people, we went to the toilet after the film. It seems strange to say, but since we're women we went to the women's bathroom. But when we were washing our hands, this horrible guard came in and told us to get out. He said 'don't you know this is the women's bathroom.' I've never been so angry and embarrassed in my entire life. He was adamant we were in the wrong toilet, and kept insisting on it. It was shocking treatment - they definitely need to be more gay-friendly. We're never going back.

Tracey Seaton

The couple, who have been together seven months, were given £20 gift vouchers and two free tickets after the misunderstanding. They've turned the offer down.

Credit: SWNS

I just want them to train their staff on how to deal with these situations and on how to treat people appropriately. It was quite intimidating, and the guard didn't even bother to apologise. This is the first time either of us have ever experienced anything like it. It's disgusting.

Keira Williams

The pair are now demanding a full investigation from the cinema chain, who operate more than 800 screens across the UK.

At the pool where I work, quite often people accidentally walk into the wrong changing room - but you don't have a go at them. Most people will correct their mistakes pretty quickly, and it's not for workers to decide the gender of customers based on their appearance.

Tracey Seaton

At Cineworld, we treat all customers equally regardless of gender, religion, race or sexuality.