Lesbian couple ordered out of cinema toilets after being mistaken for men

Tracey Seaton Credit: Tracey Seaton

A lesbian couple were kicked out of the ladies' toilets during a trip to the cinema because the security guard thought they were men.

Tracey Seaton and Keira Williams had just popped to the toilet after watching a film at Cineworld in east London.

But a guard followed them in and forced them to leave after insisting they were men.

Credit: SWNS

Lifeguard Tracey and partner Keira had watched the film adaptation of Annie at their local cinema in Ilford.

Cineworld in Ilford, where the unfortunate mix up took place Credit: Google Street View

The couple, who have been together seven months, were given £20 gift vouchers and two free tickets after the misunderstanding. They've turned the offer down.

Credit: SWNS

The pair are now demanding a full investigation from the cinema chain, who operate more than 800 screens across the UK.