Boris Johnson breaks into song for the Save Soho campaign

Boris Johnson broke into song today for the Save Soho campaign Credit: ITV News London

Boris Johnson was persuaded to sing for Soho today as he joined campaigners who are protesting the closure of the entertainment district's famous Madame Jojo’s cabaret club.

The London mayor told ITV News he was "totally" persuaded by the Save Soho campaign, which has already won the backing of a host of famous names including Stephen Fry, Idris Elba, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gemma Arterton.

As well as opposing the closure of Madame Jojo's, the group is concerned with expanding property development in the area and wants to keep the "spirit and character" of the area intact.

Singer Tim Arnold, who founded the campaign, penned "Don't Go Changing Soho" - a ditty the mayor joined in with today as he toured the district:

The mayor said that a change in the law meant local councils could no longer stop offices being converted into residential properties.

"That's okay in some parts of London - it's very bad news in places like Soho," he said. "You rely on business being able to start up with young people without very much cash ... You see the loss of some of the bars and the clubs that actually drive the night-time economy here in the heart of London."

He said that the Government should give local councils back the power to stop business being converted into residential properties.