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Boris Johnson for the White House? Possible but unlikely

Boris Johnson has ruled out a bid for the ultimate top job in politics - President of America.

The London mayor could theoretically run for the White House because he as born in New York and has an American passport.

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But he told radio station LBC:

I think it unlikely I would be called up to serve in that office.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
Boris Johnson (left) and Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York Credit: PA

Johnson is hoping to return to the UK Parliament as MP for the safe Conservative seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

He has been widely tipped as a future Tory leader and possible Prime Minister.

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The mayor was recently forced to settle an unpaid tax bill in the US ahead of an official visit to Boston, New York and Washington next week.

It's perfectly true that I was born in America. There was nothing I could do about it, I wanted to be close to my mother at the time and there she was.

However, I haven't lived there since I was five years old and, much though I admire America and admire and love American culture, I think my life and career is here in Britain and I want to see what more I can do here.

The short answer is I live in Britain, I want to stick in Britain - this is my home, this is my country.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London