Lorries without cyclist safety equipment to be banned from London's roads

Boris Johnson said improving safety for cyclists is a top priority. Credit: PA

The London Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London have agreed to go ahead with a scheme that will ban any lorries which are not fitted with safety equipment to protect cyclists and pedestrians from the capital's roads. HGV operators will have to fit sideguards and proper mirrors to their vehicles.

TfL said the Safer Lorry Scheme had received 90% support in a public consultation. New road signs are being installed to warn HGV drivers who are entering London and police officers are receiving training on which vehicles fail to meet the standards. An information campaign aimed at haulage companies and drivers has also begun. The scheme will commence on September 1st but will only apply to vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. There will be a maximum fine of £1000 for each breach of the regulations.

Most of the cyclists killed in London died after collisions with HGVs. Credit: PA

HGVs are the biggest threat to cyclists - in 2013, nine out of the 14 cycling fatalities in London involved HGVs. TfL is committed to reducing the number of cyclists who are killed or seriously injured by 40% over the next five years.