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Natalie Bennett suffers 'brain fade' during excruciating interview

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who is standing at Holborn and St Pancras. Credit: Reuters.

Leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett, who is standing at Holborn and St Pancras in the upcoming election, appeared not to know the details of her party's policy on housing today during an interview with LBC.

Ms Bennett appeared to become unstuck when questioned on how she would cost the changes proposed by her party, particularly in relation to building more affordable and social housing.

In an interview to mark the launch of the Greens general election campaign at the Royal Society of Arts, she said 500,000 new houses would cost £2.7 billion, to which reporter Nick Ferrari responded asking whether they were made of plywood.

She stuttered repeatedly during Ferrari's questioning, was cut off mid sentence several times and coughed and spluttered throughout.

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Speaking on the Daily Politics show afterwards she apologised to Green party members for her performance.

I had a very bad interview on housing this morning. I’m very happy to confess that and I’m very sorry to Green party members that I didn’t do a good job at representing our policies. That happens, I’m human. One can have a mental brain fade on these things.

– Natalie Bennett