Men kicked tropical fish to death and drenched them in bleach at a retirement home

Three men have admitted kicking tropical fish to death and drenching them in bleach at a retirement home.

The trio initially claimed they had repeatedly visited Ada Court in West London, to "hang out".

But, at Westminster Magistrates' Court they admitted killing the home's exotic fish collection by kicking them and pouring bleach into their tank.

Despite escaping unnoticed several times, the men were not off the hook - as their cruel attacks were caught on CCTV.

  • The men first sneaked into the home on January 25, pulling three fish out of the water and kicking them to death on the floor

  • Returning again at 1.30am on January 31, they teased the remaining fish by yanking them out of their tank, before pouring in bleach and killing them all

The men were arrested after being stopped by security staff as they tried to enter the building again at 2am on February 11.

Brothers Omar Khan, 20, and Suliman Khan, 18, and their cousin Yousuf Khan, 18 - who all live in the same block of flats in Maida Vale - pleaded guilty to illegally killing fish in water on private property.