Video appears to show naked man falling from Buckingham Palace window

Tourists taking photos outside the actual Buckingham Palace Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

A video uploaded to YouTube which appears to show a naked man climbing out of a window of Buckingham Palace has split opinion online, with viewers unable to agree on whether it's a hoax.

The clip appears to show a man trying to climb down a rope made of knotted sheets, but apart from two women who seem to be tourists, other people in the clip are completely unaware of what is going on. This includes a group of mounted guards.

Before he reaches the ground, the man loses his grip and falls from the makeshift rope and out of sight.

The Metropolitan Police said it had received no reports of the incident and while some people online seem convinced, others have said it is a hoax, pointing out that although the side of the building looks similar to Buckingham Palace, it has details the palace does not, including Corinthian column decorations.

Buckingham Palace could not be contacted for a statement, but had previously declined media requests for a comment.

Film producer Jon Rosling decided to take a detailed look at how the the video might have been created. He even made a comparison graphic to illustrate what he thought gave the game away that the clip was not genuine.

You can watch the original video uploaded by Anders Dahlberg below.