Boris Johnson has launched a fierce attack on the human rights campaigner who described Mohammed Emwazi as 'extremely kind'.

Emwazi, a former London schoolboy, was unmasked last week as the radical extremist known as Jihadi John.

Asim Qureshi of CAGE Credit: PA

Asim Qureshi from the campaign group CAGE claimed Emwazi was radicalised after being harassed by MI5.

Johnson and Qureshi clashed during the London mayor's phone-in programme Ask Boris on LBC radio.

Asim Qureshi (left) of CAGE, sits with John Rees (centre) of Stop the War Coalition and Cerie Bullivant, Credit: PA

The mayor accused Qureshi of 'scattering blame around'.

I really, really, think that the focus of your indignation and your outrage should be on people who go out to join groups that throw gays off cliffs, that behead people who, don't subscribe to their version of Islam, that glorify in the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers. They should be the object of your wrath, not the security services who are trying to keep us safe.

Boris Johnson

The angry exchange of words came after Qureshi released a tape recording of an interview with Emwazi about his interrogation by MI5.

In the recording Emwazi claims a British agent told him: 'We are going to keep a close eye on you, Mohammed. We already have been and we are going to keep a close on you.'