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Could the humble fridge freezer be putting lives at risk?

Despite seven deaths and 71 serious injuries in London since 2010, the London Fire Brigade claim most manufacturers are still "dragging their heels" on making fire safety improvements.

Credit: London Fire Brigade

Figures show there is, on average, one fridge freezer fire a week in the capital and the LFB has been lobbying the industry to make fridges and freezers more fire resistant.

Credit: London Fire Brigade

Fridges and freezers are of particular concern to us because they contain large amounts of plastic and highly flammable insulation, which, if ignited, can cause large, rapidly developing fires that spread quickly, giving off highly toxic gases.

The doors and side panels of most fridges and freezers are usually covered in metal but we are concerned that many still use a flammable plastic backing which offers very little protection against the highly flammable insulation catching alight if a fire starts.

– London Fire Brigade

Footage filmed by London Fire Brigade shows the dangers of having a fridge or freezer with a flammable plastic backing.