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Man urinates on London paramedic from a balcony

A man's been ordered to carry out 300 hours community service after he urinated from a balcony onto a paramedic.

Credit: PA

Lifesaver Lorna McIlwaine was treating a patient who had suffered an unprovoked attack when she felt a splash of fluid fall onto her.

She looked up and saw sick Andrew Whitehead, 22, relieving himself onto her, as well as her patient and a policeman, from a fourth floor balcony at around 1am.

Whitehead, from Shoreditch, was sentenced to 300 hours community service.

I'd been called to treat a man who had suffered an unprovoked attack in a shop.

He had a black eye and his nose had been broken and he was feeling very shaken.

I was walking him to my response car with a police officer when, without any warning, I felt a splash.

I didn't know what it was at first but it became very clear it was a bodily fluid.

I looked up and there was a man standing there, exposing himself to the whole street, laughing.

I've been physically assaulted once before in my career and threatened as well, but what made this different was it felt so personal, and while all I was doing was helping a patient who was already shaken after being attacked.

What makes it even more frustrating is that I needed to return to my station to change my uniform and fill in my report, which prevented me from responding to patients.

– Lorna McIlwaine