World's most famous zebra crossing is 'just a road', say disappointed tourists

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A string of TripAdvisor reviews show how the world's most famous zebra crossing Abbey Road has left visitors rather disappointed, and summed up as "just a street".

The Abbey Road crossing became a must-see site for fans after The Beatles walked across it for the cover of their eleventh studio album.

But visitors to the now Grade-II listed road markings have been left disappointed with the traffic and slammed the tourist attraction saying: "It really is just a zebra crossing..."

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The iconic album cover features The Fab Four walking across the zebra crossing - leading to millions of fans visiting the road markings to recreate the picture.

The reviews on TripAdvisor brand the crossing as "Extremely Disappointing" and say it "Could be a pedestrian crossing anywhere really".

One visitor gave the attraction a respectable four out of five but warned other tourists that it is "Smaller than you imagine!"

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Meanwhile another reviewer was left wanting more as they took to the website to tell others it "Is just a road".

A safety conscious visitor to the crossing gave the attraction a four out of five warning "Beware of traffic" while another reviewer claimed the "Traffic ruined it".

Stars of the West End musical 'Let it be' Credit: PA

The iconic crossing has managed to please some fans who have visited Abbey Road who have awarded the attraction top marks.

One reviewer awarded the crossing an impressive five out of five, saying: "Excellent if you love the Beatles. Very good otherwise".

Another visitor also gave the crossing full marks saying "Does not disappoint!"

Abbey Road was the eleventh studio album the Beatles and was recorded in 1969 at the north London EMI Studios in Abbey Road.

The crossing is a must see Beatles site in London - along with the Cavern Club and The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.

Other reviews include: It's really just a street... 3/5 Not much happening just a normal road 5/5 Not much to do 2/5 It was okay 3/5 It is what it is! 5/5