'No shadow' skyscraper planned for the capital - but how does it work?

Credit: NBBJ

London architects have come up with an innovative new building design that casts sunlight, not shadows, on the streets below.

The design, by NBBJ, incorporates two towers that work together. One of the buildings acts as a giant curved mirror reflecting sunlight down onto the shadow cast by the other building. Due to the specific shape of the tower, the reflected light is capable of following the shadow as it moves throughout the day.

The design reduces the shadow around the buildings by up to 60 per cent.

Credit: NBBJ

The towers are designed for a site on the Greenwich Peninsula near the O2 arena.This technology would help avoid the damage caused by the Walkie Talkie building in 2013, when surrounding cars in Fenchurch Street started to melt, because the towers curved fascia reflected powerful sunlight onto them