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Unexploded WW2 bomb 'could destroy homes' and put lives at risk

Police have warned people living close to an unexploded World War Two bomb that it could destroy their homes and put their lives at risk.

Credit: Facebook/The Army

The bomb, measuring 5ft with a tail fin, was found by construction workers in Bermondsey yesterday.

Residents living within 200m of the site were evacuated today as Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal experts continued to work on the bomb, and those living within 100m were asked to leave their homes yesterday.

Army Bomb disposal experts are currently dealing with an unexploded air drop World War 2 era SC 250kg German Bomb near the Shard in Bermondsey.

The bomb will have been dropped over London by the Luftwaffe in the 1940s but unusually did not detonate. It has lain undisturbed deep in the ground for 70 years but was uncovered today during construction works.

Its position is awkward: trenches will have to be dug carefully beneath the bomb in order to access the fuse which is underneath the device. In the interim, Royal Engineers are building a safety Hesco “igloo” around the bomb to limit any explosion.

– The Army in London - HQ London District
Credit: Facebook/The Army

In a leaflet given to residents living near the 1,000lb (454kg) ordnance, the Metropolitan Police said:

The Army bomb disposal team have advised that, if the bomb explodes, buildings in the 200-metre zone will be significantly damaged and those close to the bomb will be destroyed. Remaining in your home is placing your life at significant risk.

– Met Police
Credit: Facebook/The Army

Scotland Yard's Southwark borough said in a tweet:

Credit: Facebook/The Army

Southwark ward councillor Lucas Green denied that the police were causing unnecessary panic and said the response from emergency services and nearby residents had been "impressive".

This area lived through the Blitz once and it still remembers how to handle itself in a similar situation. There's the danger that people may think everything is OK. But the serious work begins now.

– Lucas Green

Mr Green said the council rehoused approximately 100 people last night who could not return to their homes.

He added that the Red Cross had been helping to provide food and other supplies to people who had to be evacuated.