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World's most extravagant Easter bunny, with diamonds for eyes, probably costs more than your car

A British chocolatier has unveiled the world's most extravagant Easter egg - a diamond-encrusted masterpiece costing £33,000.

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The 14-inch tall rabbit is made of solid 75% per cent cacao Tanzania Origin chocolate and packs a hefty 548,000 calories.

But the 5kg model will stretch your bank balance further than your waistline thanks to two 1.7 carat diamonds which make the eyes - worth a combined total of £25,000.

The bunny was made by Martin Chiffers, award-winning chocolatier and former Executive Chef at Harrods.

I'm delighted to be working on such a glamorous item which is certainly a culinary phenomenon.

Whilst I am very accustomed to teaching about and creating extravagant luxury chocolate pieces, incorporating diamonds is a first.

– Martin Chiffers
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The rabbit was a collaboration between Martin and luxury jeweller 77 Diamonds and will be sold on the upmarket website

Martin spent two days carving the sculpture, which features three solid chocolate eggs at the foot of the bunny that are decorated with real gold leaf.

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We are delighted to match exceptional diamonds to this decadent creation.

We are also happy to create a bespoke piece of jewellery featuring the solitaires free of charge, once the bunny has been devoured.

– Tobias Kormind, Managing Director of 77 Diamonds

Luckily for your waistline, the rabbit can be displayed and eaten for two years, as long as the temperature is regulated to around 16 degrees.

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Whilst the detailing of the carving in this exceptional chocolate bunny is enough to make it truly special, 77 Diamonds has enabled us to catapult it into the top echelons of Easter gifts.

– Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo
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