The 'Phantom Framer' of Teddington

A framed street sign in Teddington Credit: Faye Barker

It is probably one of the most amusing things I've heard when answering a work call: "Hi Faye, this is the Phantom Framer".

Yes, I managed to talk to the elusive gilder who has been framing signs in Teddington in south west London with ornate gold borders.

Straightforward road names, warnings to clean up dog mess and cycling information signs have all been spruced up.

Locals and observers further afield all seem to love it and most seem to agree that they all look rather nice. But, it seems Richmond Council does not approve, and since the frames began appearing in recent weeks, many have been removed.

Now a petition set up by a "John Framer" asking Richmond council to "Save our Frames" has been signed by over 200 people.

And again... Credit: Faye Barker

Undeterred, the Phantom Framer told me the work to beautify signs in Teddington will continue.

As I did a bit of frame spotting myself to check out the latest "Street Art", there was only friendly banter from other passers by, all smiling their approval. I even spotted a coupleof police officers turn a blind eye as they walked past one of the framed signs. Will Richmond Council now do the same as momentum grows to keep them?

And again. Credit: Faye Barker

A journalist will always protect their sources and the Phantom Framer wishes to remain anonymous - a new Banksy perhaps?!

“As beautiful as these frames looked across Richmond they had to be taken down as they are not in keeping with our corporate policy for street signs and logos. Whoever is responsible has spent a considerable amount of time and money on these frames. They have been fitted perfectly at 13 locations across the borough. We have them at our sign shop ready for collection should the owner want them back.”

A Richmond Council spokesperson